Andy Martin has reported from his investigative visit to Honolulu that Barack Obama is probably the son of Frank Marshall Davis.
Frank was an author and poet; he also autored a ographic book under the pseudonym Bob Greene.
According to that book, he and his wife engaged in pedophilia, sex orgies, etc.
He wrote about a girl Anne that he and his wife had orgies with.
Andy Martin claims that he has the evidence to support his allegation that frank is the biological father of Barack Obama. Since he already was married, somehow, Barack Obama Sr. was recruited to marry Stanley.
My hypotheses is that when Obama Sr. saw that this child was not his, he abandoned them.
This has been rumored on the internet for about 2 months due to the facial and physical similarities between Davis and Obama. There, is practically no similarity in features with Obama Sr.
Even though BHO would then be the son of 2 American citizens, when he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, he would have lost his American citizenship, since Indonesia does not recognize dual citizenship.
At the time Obama was in Jakarta, he would only have been able to attend public schools if he were an Indonesian citizen. There is also a famous AP photograph of his school records with the name Barry Soetoro and nationality, Indonesian.
When Obama returned to Honolulu, his grandfather took him to visit Frank Marshall Davis who then, allegedly became his “mentor.” The question is why would Grandpa dunham bring him to visit a known “pervert.” (Davis’ ographic novel had been published in 1968)
Dr. khalil Abdullah Tariq al Masoud, Obama’s Harvard sponsor, has been quoted as saying that he convinced Obama to use an African name, rather than a “negro” name.
It may be that Frank Marshall Davis was the one who introduced Dr Khalil al-Masoud to Obama.

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25 Responses to “Obama’s Biological Father Frank Marshall Davis?”

  1. sgk1967 says:

    You sound like …
    You sound like Michael Jackson or some other got….

  2. Shiftfallout says:

    actually, if you …
    actually, if you have studied some genetic traits that get passed down from parents, you would find out that Obama does indeed share many of the subtle features of Frank Davis, and literally none from his stated kenyan father. I wont say who his real father is, cause quite frankly (oh a pun) we dont know. However, just keep in mind him and Frank share many similarities in facial features.

  3. DixonWilliams2 says:

    This is just a …
    This is just a silly rumour, I don’t see the similarities between Obama and this Davis guy. Just because Obama doesn’t look alot like his father means nothing, he looks like his mother features wise, Alot of sons don’t look like their fathers because they only share 50% of their genes.

  4. bluntedinatx says:

    wtf? who is this …
    wtf? who is this with such a got voice? you sound like a retarded muppet or something.

  5. DONEwCA says:

    Obama INDICTED by ‘ …
    Obama INDICTED by ‘Common Law Grand Jury’ in Georgia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    see: worldnetdaily – On-line news March 31, 2009, and do your Google search strings. AOL picked it up.

    Why can’t this smooth talkin sitting President turn over his real birth certificate ?

  6. vedicastrol says:

    people are getting …
    people are getting really tired of this creep, plus his “fellow traveler” in the dumocratic party. and to think that I was once a democrat, until Barry came on the scene. But you know Hillary is just as bad, a student of saul alinsky’s too.

  7. fallbrookchris says:

    barry’s bed hoping …
    barry’s bed hoping white trash whore mother spent a lot of time over at davis’s house and participated in sex orgies, there are pics to prove it, I have little doubt that Davis is obama’s father, dreams of my father was written about davis, BO’s “dad” was never around and BO spent most of his childhood getting molested by his real dad davis
    if barak sr. was BO’s father BO would only be 6.25% black since BO sr. was 75% arab, either way BO is a crack smoking incompetent racist got..GDBO!

  8. RockTheFacts says:

    frank marshall …
    frank marshall davis wrote Sex Rebel: Black under the name Bob Greene. It is about pedophila.

  9. jsteel42 says:

    Your IQ is 158 and …
    Your IQ is 158 and yet you rely on the anti-semetic smear merchant Andy Martin for support for your nonsense theory? I think 15.8 is likely to be more accurate.

  10. davidlawrence000 says:

    NO CONTRACEPTION IN 1960???? Like heck. Condoms were widely available in 1960 just as they had been for decades before that time. Diaphrams were also very popular. Tell us more Vedicastrol…

  11. vedicastrol says:

    I have some links …
    I have some links in this post

  12. CalifSunshine2008 says:

    Is there any …
    Is there any documentation of Anne’s parents interacting with Davis? What was Anne’s relationship like with her father. Usually girls that grow up without attention from fathers seek a father figure.

  13. vedicastrol says:

    yes,of course,she …
    yes,of course,she was definitely eccentric. I think also to have had sex at an early age when one was supposedly starting college at that time was very irresponsible. I mean in 1960 they had no contraception either.

  14. CalifSunshine2008 says:

    I wonder if she …
    I wonder if she baby sat for them, if he had children with his wife?

  15. CalifSunshine2008 says:

    WOW…when was that …
    WOW…when was that written…did you read it yet? I just know at 18 that would be the last thing I’d be thinking about…he’s pretty old.

  16. vedicastrol says:

    what’s weird is …
    what’s weird is that in Davis book Sex Rebels, he wrote about a tryst with a girl named “Anne” and his wife Helen. He described her as a teenager.

  17. vedicastrol says:

    BTW, Mark Davis, …
    BTW, Mark Davis, Frank Davis oldest son lives in Hi and is ociated with the Obama campaign. so he probably knows something.

  18. vedicastrol says:

    definitely,some …
    definitely,some psychiatric issues. ithink that’s why we need to see all his medical records he has developed a facial tic which is often the side effect of any-psychotropic drugs. However, there are many successful people who survive a single parent household.

  19. jeanphilliperameau says:

    Well, whatever you …
    Well, whatever you think of him, he certainly had a somewhat difficult childhood. I think it would have been very hard not to have a father around. And even if Barack Obama Sr. was someone whom Obama invented, it may have been as a way to survive and give himself an identity. But since all the individuals you named from Obama’s childhood are dead, there’s no way of knowing the entire story.

  20. CalifSunshine2008 says:

    I think that is a …
    I think that is a stretch … as Davis would have been 65 and Anne was 18….it’s like 37years. He does look like him…and I bet her parents were friends with Davis. I don’t think there is a known marriage liscense.

  21. CalifSunshine2008 says:

    Who financed him …
    Who financed him through Harvard Law is an interesting question. Watch this on youtube: Percy Sutton (Malcom X’s Lawyer) Says Barack Obama Knows And Was Financed By The Racist Radical Muslim And Saudi Advisor Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour, Part II

  22. outcast73 says:

    Comparing Obama to …
    Comparing Obama to Abe Lincoln is like comparing Flavor Flav to MLK Jr., you should be stripped of your youtube priveleges for such an asinine statement. A genius??!! at what?, reading a teleprompter? He has said so many stupid things already but He had the media, and several powerful left-wing organizations campaigning for him, that’s why he won. What a sap you are.

  23. outcast73 says:

    He only got into …
    He only got into Harvard because he claimed Indonesian citizenship, of which he is still a citizen, you can’t have dual citizenship in Indonesia, so he is not an American citizen which disqualifies him from being the president. He used dirty tactics to become senator and he has done absolutely nothing as Senator, it was simply a stepping stone because his massive ego could not be satisfied until he reached the top. He is a total fraud and a dangerous megalomaniac. Spit the kool-aid out, partner.

  24. vedicastrol says:

    criminals often …
    criminals often have high I.Q’s mine is 158, but I’m not a criminal

  25. jeanphilliperameau says:

    Regardless of where …
    Regardless of where Obama came from, and whether you love or hate the guy, he is a remarkable talent, no doubt. He must be a genius. 150 IQ+ to accomplish what he has done. And I’m no fan of his.