OBAMA AKA Barry Soetoro

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CIA Operative Groomed by the New World Order to Americas first Black President. Barry Soetoro was given the alias Barrack/Iraq Hussein/Saddam Obama/Osama . Its Basic Code used by the CIA for this Operation.. The first Step toward a New World Order was the invasion of Iraq and capture of Saddam Hussein in a retaliation for a false flag attack blamed on Osama Bin Laden . Then Bring in Barry Soetoro AKA Barrack Hussein Obama to calm the storm of revolution from the American People …And to continue the NWO Agenda by issuing in the next stage to a One World Goverment

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  1. OBAMAisHalfCaste says:

    Obama the first …
    Obama the first half-caste biracial mixed-race president not black.